Copenhagen's Scotties


As a visitor to another land, you notice tics and particularities of culture so ingrained that they are invisible to natives. I am particularly interested in iconography: what images are used to represent ideas, especially in terms of repetition and themes. 

In Copenhagen, the official silhouette that denotes "dog" is a Scottish Terrier. To the right is the logo of the discount food chain Netto, a Scottie carrying a shopping basket. Taxi-cab yellow Netto bags with the Scottie seem to be held by budget-minded shoppers on every boulevard. When I pointed out the Scottie theme to native Dane FP, he denied it. "It's because Netto is a cheap supermarket, and the stereotype is that the Scottish are cheap."


But also, this icon for "keep your dog on his leash."


Finally, someone painted a red-headed dog on the wall next to an enclosed play area. Look at the older, faded sign to the right, indicating that this is where you hang your dog to dry while the children play.

Total live dog count: three Havanese, two Maltese, two Doberman, two stout curly-haired of undetermined origin, one lone Scottie.