Among the Missing


It's striking how many missing persons posters you see when wandering around Krakow. They follow the same format: a bolded or capped paragraph topped by an image that looks like a photocopy of a photocopy of a scanned photograph. My friend and native Pole Elwira says they are made by the families and friends of the missing, not by the police.

Krakow Post article says that the Polish police have a lower rate of closing these cases than Western nations because of understaffing the missing persons department; an independent agency, ITAKA, organizes searches and works with the police. 

IMG_0136 copy.jpg

This is Seweryn, a teenager who boarded a bus to Krakow at 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon and never returned.  

The woman below is everywhere. I've passed her on every other street. She's been missing for four years, and a friend is conducting the search. Her information notes that she had no dimples; her interests were animal husbandry, cosmetology, and the paranormal. 


She has a size 11 ring finger, a warm voice, and the name listed is not her real name.