Best-case scenario is that this never happened and this never could happen to my son or anybody’s son, but that bubble has already popped because bad things do happen to good people and good sons and good mothers,” she said. “The next best-case scenario would be to be able to live with this burden and live a normal and happy and productive life… I want him to be happy, to not feel depressed about this, and to be able to fulfill all of his dreams that were there before and that should continue to be available to him even living with this.
— Luke Malone for Medium

This piece, on how to intercept and provide therapy to young pedophiles before they ever commit a crime, is both difficult to read and an extraordinary piece of journalism. The woman quoted above is the mother of a self-identified pedophile. Hard to imagine how she handled the news from her son with such compassion and responsibility when there are still families rejecting their children for being different than what they hoped in less difficult circumstances.